Urban Agriculture

The Bushwick Grows Community Farm

The Bushwick Grows Community Farm offers Bushwick residents the opportunity to learn, get involved, and be a part of leading the way for a greener Bushwick. Established in 2018, Bushwick Grows is an ecological learning center. We produce over 1000 lbs. and over 200 varieties of fruits, veggies, and flowers each year and we share this bounty with our community. The site demonstrates ecological, sustainable practices including: A compost toilet, grey water system, permaculture growing, we have 3 chickens who speed-up our 3-bin compost system, and we'll soon be installing solar panels to power our space.

The Farm offers year-round educational programs both for RiseBoro's youth center participants for students at the neighboring All City Leadership Academy.

In the summer, the Farm is abuzz with teenagers through the city's Summer Youth Employment Program who build Farm infrastructure (In just 6 weeks in Summer 2019, they built an outdoor kitchen and a pond!), learn about growing food and farm ecosystems, and maintain our farm's compost system. Are you a young person looking to get involved and get paid for it? Check out NYC's summer youth page for application information!

Families, Adults, and Seniors are also welcome at the Farm. Every Saturday from April to October, Bushwick Grows invites everyone to gather at the farm for weekly workdays from 10am - 1pm, followed by Farming and Culinary workshops starting at 2pm.

Got food scraps? We're a DSNY community compost collection site. Come drop them off and we'll turn them into fertile soil for our plants to grow.

For more info, contact: Martha Ma, Farmer and Educator - gmarthama@riseboro.org

Compost bin

Saratoga Grows! Senior Garden Program

In partnership with our Saratoga Senior Center at Saratoga Village Houses (located at 930 Halsey Street on the Bushwick/Bedford-Stuyvesant border) and with the support of L+M Development Partners, RB offers our seed-to-plate food and farming program, Saratoga Grows! The program takes place at the on-site greenhouse, four outdoor raised beds, and in the Center's cafeteria.

The primary purpose of Saratoga Grows! is to engage residents and community members from across Saratoga Village Houses in culturally-competent food cultivation and nutrition literacy. The program demonstrates best growing practices from seed to harvest with a seasoned instructor. Harvested herbs and vegetables are incorporated into healthy meal preparations. Participants connect with their food, learn new recipes, and discuss fresh food and health strategies.

For More Info, contact: Bianca Bockman, Director, Our Food - bbockman@riseboro.org 

Seniors gardening at urban garden

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