Our Food

The Our Food team at RiseBoro invites our communities to build a vibrant, robust food system with and for all of us. Food is central to how we live our lives - our work, our health, our neighborhoods. The majority of workers in this country are food workers - mostly Black and brown and underpaid. A handful of corporations make massive profits -collapsing the environment in the process -  and wealthy communities thrive, while working class communities and communities of color have little access to healthy and affordable options. Our food should be the opposite. Our food should keep our communities healthy, should give our people dignified work, drive a just transition through the climate crisis, bring our neighborhoods to life. Our food should be a source of joy, connection, health, and solidarity. Our food should build community, knowledge, power, and self-determination. Our food should be ours. From building farmers markets and urban farms to training and supporting cooperative businesses, we invite community members to take control of our food - to create a food system that is just and equitable, that allows the people and places we care about to thrive, that works for all of us. 

People in an urban garden

In the Community
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