About RiseBoro's Bushwick Cooks Program

Posted on May 17, 2018 by RiseBoro

RiseBoro's Bushwick Cooks Program is a holistic approach to food access, improving Bushwick community health and sustainable wellness.

Graphic describing the elements of the program

For forty years, RiseBoro Community Partnership has advocated for and served the north Brooklyn community. Through the Bushwick Cooks initiative, the agency extends its practice of culturally competent community development to address the social determinants of health, meet the local need for nutrition, fitness and preventative care, and to coordinate services and programs across RiseBoro's diverse departments. 

Bushwick at a Glance

Inequitable social determinants of health are impacting poor communities at astounding levels. As exemplified in the predominantly low-income, Latino neighborhood of Bushwick, various factors including the inaccessibility of healthful foods are taking a toll on the population's health. 

Utilizing infrastructure already present in the community (including our staff, RiseBoro community centers, senior centers, local hospitals, our service offices and  affordable housing residences) RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks will move RiseBoro beyond traditional transactional service provider/client interactions working toward integrating healthy choices into the routines and traditions of the Bushwick community while fostering self-management practices. 

In the Community
for Good