RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks

RiseBoro launches RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks: a holistic approach to food access, improving Bushwick community health and sustainable wellness.

Graphic describing the elements of the program

For forty years, RiseBoro Community Partnership has advocated for and served the north Brooklyn community. RiseBoro services range from helping families fight evictions and building a theater program for local youth to running senior centers and delivering nursing services. To accomplish this, RiseBoro has sourced jobs locally, stimulating local economic development, making the agency the largest employer in Bushwick and a deeply culturally competent service provider.

Through RiseBoro's new initiative, RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks, the agency extends its practice of holistic community development to meet the local need for nutrition, fitness and preventative care, and to coordinate services and programs across RiseBoro's diverse offerings and departments.

Bushwick at a Glance

Inequitable social determinants of health are impacting poor communities at astounding levels. As exemplified in the predominantly low-income, Latino neighborhood of Bushwick, various factors including the inaccessibility of healthful foods are taking a toll on the population's health. 

Utilizing infrastructure already present in the community (including our staff, RiseBoro community centers, senior centers, local hospitals, our service offices and  affordable housing residences) RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks will move RiseBoro beyond traditional transactional service provider/client interactions working toward integrating healthy choices into the routines and traditions of the Bushwick community while fostering self-management practices. 

Comprehensive Community Food & Health Survey

What's cooking, Bushwick? RB is rolling out a Community Food & Health Survey and we need your voice! Your thoughts and feedback are critical in identifying Bushwick's challenges and goals with respect to food, nutrition and health. Survey events are taking place across the neighborhood or you can take it online now. This is your opportunity to make an impact on the future of food in our community. You'll receive a free tote bag and be entered to win $100 gift card for your participation. Let's have a conversation around our collective health and rise to the occasion of making a healthier and more equitable Bushwick.

Survey in English

¿Que lo que, Bushwick? ¡RB está lanzando una Encuesta sobre Comida y Salud Comunitaria y necesitamos su voz! Sus opiniones y retroalimentación son fundamentales en ayudarnos identificar los desafíos y metas de Bushwick relacionados a salud, comida, y nutrición. Estas encuestas se están llevando a cabo en muchos de nuestros barrio y por lo tanto es su oportunidad para hacer un impacto sobre el futuro de la alimentación en nuestra comunidad. Recibirá un bolso y tendrá la oportunidad de ganar una tarjeta de regalo valorada en $100 por su participación. Aquí podrá encontrar más información sobre la encuesta y su proceso. ¡Estamos en la espera de escuchar su opinión!

Encuesta en Español

RiseBoro Farmers Markets

Farmers Market booth

In a move that celebrates its ongoing commitment to the Bushwick community, RiseBoro has begun acquisition of EcoStation:NY to launch RiseBoro Bushwick Farmers Markets - a network of three weekly markets featuring fresh produce and a collection of local products & vendors from a cross-section of our diverse residents. By launching these markets, RiseBoro is not only ensuring the preservation of a perennial neighborhood institution in Bushwick Farmers Market at Maria Hernandez Park. It is also deepening the agency's efforts to improve nutrition access, expand economic opportunity and enhance community connections in Bushwick. Each of the RiseBoro Bushwick Farmers Market partners shares RiseBoro's goal of reducing persistent barriers to health and nutrition, and creating inclusive spaces. Riseboro Bushwick Farmers Markets currently include a diverse group of local food growers, prepared food purveyors, entrepreneurs, community organizations and artists, including members of our very own senior centers. The markets present an assortment of experiences reflecting Bushwick's multicultural heritage and unique character. In partnership with the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Saturday and Sunday markets will include bi-lingual culinary demonstrations throughout the market day from July through November. Market-goers will enjoy interactive cooking events packed with nutrition education, budgeting tips and the opportunity to enjoy delicious recipes.

The RiseBoro Farmers Markets serve Bushwick on the following days and times:

Fridays (May 19 – Dec 15) || Night Market @ 434 Troutman St || 6pm-10pm
Saturdays (May 20 – Dec 16) || Maria Hernandez Park || 10am-4pm
Sundays (May 21 – Dec 17) || Rheingold Archway @ 553 Bushwick Ave || 10am-4pm

The community can now keep up with our markets on Instagram: @RBfarmersmarkets.

EcoStation NY Acquisition

RiseBoro has begun formal acquisition of community partner, EcoStation:NY, to meet the RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks programmatic goal of maintaining and expanding community nutrition access and food literacy. The acquisition was initiated by EcoStation's board and staff as a means to preserve valuable food access programming in the face of financial difficulty. EcoStation is recognized by the community for its management of Bushwick Farmers Market at Maria Hernandez Park and the Bushwick Campus Farm work over its eight years of operation. RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks has retained EcoStation's founder, Sean Flemming, throughout the acquisition process as a consultant on the Bushwick farmers markets.

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Health Bucks

In 2016 RiseBoro coordinated agency-wide participation in the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's Health Bucks Program. For the 2017 market season, RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks submitted applications on behalf of divisions across the agency for maximum allocation of Health Bucks for Bushwick residents. Health Bucks are paper vouchers, worth $2 each, developed and administered by the NYC Health Department District Public Health Offices. These vouchers can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at RiseBoro Farmers Markets and other participating farmers markets. Pending approval, Health Bucks will be distributed via our affordable senior housing residences, RiseBoro Senior Centers, RiseBoro Youth Center, the Community Empowerment Center, Homebase offices, LEAP and benefits office.

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene: Stellar Farmers Markets Demonstrations

NYC DOH will provide a culinary demonstration professional and all requisite materials to perform live recipe demos at the Maria Hernandez Park market on Saturdays from July through November. This project meets the RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks program goal of increasing nutrition literacy and confidence in healthy food preparation. DOH has carefully crafted the curriculum to include specific nutrition information on each featured produce item, budgeting details and tips on how to select and safely store seasonal produce.

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene: Culinary Nutrition Demonstrations

Culinary demonstration

NYC DOH is funding a culinary nutrition demonstration program at the Rheingold Archway Farmers Market on Sundays, featuring live recipe demos from July through November. This project meets the Bushwick Cooks program goal of increasing nutrition literacy and confidence in healthy food preparation. Additionally, RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks partnered with Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation (NEBHDCo) to identify graduates of their Community Chefs program, from which a culinary educator has been secured to execute this project at RiseBoro.

Enterprise Community Partners: HUD Section 4

RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks secured HUD Section 4 funding to launch the Healthy Leaders Team project, a senior nutrition cohort starting in July of 2017. The project goal is to increase nutrition literacy and reinforce comfort and confidence in healthy food choices among a pilot group of 12 – 16 diabetic or pre-diabetic seniors. For twelve months, the Healthy Leaders Team cohort will engage in a health intervention that includes personalized nutrition assessments and individual dietary plans issued by a Registered Dietician. RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks has secured a Community Engagement Specialist to facilitate classroom nutrition learning and group support for the low-income seniors served by the project. Participants will be recruited from RiseBoro affordable senior housing and RiseBoro's Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center patrons. In addition to individual nutrition guidance, this Bushwick Cooks intervention includes opportunities for the Healthy Leaders Team cohort to self-implement nutrition plans, receive peer and intergenerational support, celebrate health, and enjoy access to fresh food through the weekly Rheingold Archway Farmers Market.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation: HUD Section 4

Healthy Leaders Team

To advance RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks' goal of addressing the root causes of health inequities in our community, RiseBoro is launching a comprehensive community health survey. RiseBoro will engage our residents and clients in shaping proposed nutrition access and health solutions based on their articulated challenges, perceptions, motivations and needs. Rooted in the community's voice, this qualitative and quantitative exploration will provide critical data to inform Bushwick Cooks programming for maximum relevance and impact. The comprehensive survey acts as a catalyst for community conversations about health and asks people to critically consider how their daily routines translate to long term wellness. Survey engagement will take shape using a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach. The PAR approach is rooted in ongoing resident participation to uncover community-led solutions. The process is designed to empower residents as leaders by virtue of their insights and recommendations. The project goal is 500 resident engagements and ultimately facilitating the creation of a Community Food Council for ongoing community input into food policy and program recommendations.


RiseBoro Launches Saratoga Grows! as Part of the Bushwick Cooks Program

Saratoga Grows Culinary Event

RiseBoro Bushwick Cooks: Saratoga Grows! is an exciting program launched in the Spring of 2017 at Saratoga Square- a former NYCHA development just over the Bushwick border in Bed-Sty. This educational program creates opportunities for older adults and seniors to activate local growing spaces while learning cultivation and healthy culinary practices. This nutrition focused culinary program was created by Bushwick Cooks, a project of RiseBoro, with support from Triborough Preservation, LLC.

Saratoga Grows! participants meet weekly to engage in a variety of hands-on activities centered around growing, harvesting, and celebrating food - from seed to plate. In addition to planting and growing, participants also engage in discussions about health, nutrition, and the environment. To tie these themes together, Saratoga Grows! is adhering to the tenets of organic farming: no chemical pesticides or fertilizers are being used.

Activities are centered around Saratoga Square's on-site greenhouse and impressive raised-bed planters, which together total almost 2,000 square feet of growing space. Currently sprouting is a 28-foot-long "salad bar," as well as bush beans, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and much more. Culinary workshops demonstrating easy ways to prepare fresh, healthy meals are also part of the program's offerings.

RiseBoro Participates in the Health Bucks Program Providing Vouchers to Seniors for Farmer's Market Purchases 

In 2016 RiseBoro coordinated agency-wide participation in the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's Health Bucks Program. Health Bucks  are paper vouchers, worth $2 each, developed and administered by the NYC Health Department District Public Health Offices. These vouchers can be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets.

In 2016 RiseBoro distributed Health Bucks to nearly 100 north Brooklyn Seniors. The Health Bucks were given out to seniors in our affordable housing residences and at select RiseBoro Senior Centers in Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant. RiseBoro's Social Service Coordinators and RiseBoro's Senior Center staff organized "healthy parties" and field trips to local Farmers Markets to ensure the recipients understood the program, its benefits, and how to participate.

Two staffers in front of food stamps map

Additionally, RiseBoro's Entitlement Benefit's office (which successfully enrolled 3,600 families in the NY Food Stamp Program in 2015) assisted S.N.A.P. clients and EBT applicants in developing their understanding of using S.N.A.P./EBT benefits at NYC Farmers Markets. For every $5 a customer spends using EBT, s/he receives one $2 Health Buck coupon. This increase of 40% in buying power stretches a Food Stamp budget and encourages shoppers to spend more of their monthly Food Stamp allotment on fresh produce from the market.

Through participation in the Health Bucks program, RiseBoro was able to support clients in maximizing benefits while increasing local access to healthful foods.

Existing RiseBoro Programs Addressing Health Disparities & Food Access

RiseBoro Education: Food Justice Curriculum & Community Leadership Youth Groups

Youth Center students opening seed packets

North Brooklyn middle school youth who attend the RiseBoro Youth Center's SONYC Community Leadership groups have spent the last year immersed in understanding food systems and learning about food justice. The RiseBoro Youth Center Food Justice unit consisted of lessons around diabetes, access to healthy food, farm workers' rights, the meat industry, food labels and advertisements, and redefining what a healthy body looks like. The youth gained hands-on growing experience and sprouted vegetables (onions, tomatoes, lettuce, summer squash, carrots, beets, peppers, cucumbers, and peas) in cafeteria milk cartons for growing in the RiseBoro Youth Center garden.

Youth Center students planting seeds in a garden

RiseBoro Youth Center SONYC students are traveling to East NY Farms during Spring Break 2016 to develop connections with other local youth engaged in food systems and to learn about larger scale urban farming. RiseBoro's SONYC youth created a community 'zine covering material on food justice; the youth will use the 'zine to share their learning and advocacy and to encourage the broader community to also advocate for food justice in Bushwick. Future projects with RiseBoro's SONYC youth include a Food Justice Photovoice project which aims to uplift the voices and advocacy of local youth through photography. 

Community Supported Agriculture at RiseBoro

Senior packing up food share

In the summer of 2016 RiseBoro piloted a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program hosted by our finance department located at 555 Bushwick Avenue. The 607 CSA, a collaboration of 17 New York state farmers and small scale food producers, offered CSA members a range of products at various price points – all local, fresh, nutritious and delicious. RiseBoro staff and tenants participated in the CSA and were joined by Bushwick community residents who shared an interest in supporting local farmers, lowering food miles, and purchasing nutrient rich and organic foods. The RiseBoro CSA program was a wonderful learning opportunity for the RiseBoro community helping RiseBoro understand existing barriers to food access and health; previous to this food access opportunity many participants were most familiar with shopping at supermarket chains and fruit stands which offer less fresh, less nutrient rich products, and less variety. During the CSA season, RiseBoro staff donated CSA shares to members of the Diana Jones Senior Center and enjoyed speaking with Bushwick Seniors about their dietary and culinary preferences and habits and sharing how CSAs work for farmers and consumers.


Home Delivered Meals

Ray Vasquez
Staff member Ray Vasquez received the 2014 Star Award from Citymeals-on-Wheels for "outstanding service". Photo credit: Brooklyn Daily

RiseBoro has provided home delivered meals services to elderly clients residing in Community Districts #1 and #4 of Brooklyn for over 21 years. Hot nutritious meals are prepared and delivered 6 days per week with a chilled meal additionally provided on Saturday for Sunday. RiseBoro currently delivers 1,300 senior meals a day. The program prepares meals that meet special requests of clients including Asian, vegetarian, lactose and low sodium diets.  The agency will also be providing therapeutic meals in the near future. See the RiseBoro Home-Delivered Meals program page for more detailed information.


Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center Wellness Program Initiatives

Senior Nutrition Education

Senior nutrition session

In collaboration with the Weill Cornell Urban Semester Nutrition Education Program, RiseBoro's Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center hosts weekly nutrition education seminars and cooking demos led by Urban Semester student volunteers. Topics range from healthy eating on a budget to food safety and best practices for food handling and preparation. Materials for each session are compiled using www.choosemyplate.gov and Weill Cornell undergraduate nutrition curricula. Food demos provide an immersive experience where Bushwick seniors learn first-hand about low-fat and low-sugar alternatives to commonly consumed foods. Recipes are provided to all who are interested in practicing their newly found skills at home.  

Comprehensive Senior Health Assessment Pilot Project

To better understand the needs of our population, Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center conducted comprehensive interviews of our participants. Questions included chronic disease information, screens for dementia and depression, exercise behavior, and many other questions relevant to the well-being of our population. A working database was created to inform programming decisions and direct services for participants. Many interesting findings came as a result of database analysis including the discovery of a significant relationship between people living with diabetes and hospitalization in the past 6 months. Diabetes afflicts many at our center with 44% of respondents indicating prior diagnosis. Of those diagnosed, 43% have been battling the disease for more than 10 years.

Although these numbers are alarming, the database is also largely positive showing the impact our center has on the lives of participants. By providing quality exercise classes Diana Jones provides for 83% of all moderate intensity exercise-related caloric expenditure. In addition, hours spent socializing at Diana Jones account for 64% of all hours spent socializing amongst those who were interviewed. We know from research literature that socialization reduces the rate of depression in older adults.    

Evidence-Based Senior Initiative

Seniors with arms raised in Tai Chi class

In partnership with the Department for the Aging (DFTA) and the Quality and Technical Assistance Center of NY (QTAC), Diana H. Jones Innovative Senior Center has successfully implemented six new evidence-based programs since June of 2015. These evidence-based programs are validated through peer reviewed scientific journals and are proven to improve health outcomes of participants, including significant reductions in the number of falls and hospitalizations, as well as overall quality of life through socialization, behavior change, and increased daily exercise. All classes offered at RiseBoro's Diana H. Jones are of the highest level evidence based criteria and are as follows:  Tai-Chi Moving for better balance, Chronic Disease Self-Management program (CDSMP), A Matter of Balance, Active Choices, Walk with Ease, and Stay Active & Independent for Life (SAIL).     

Senior Wellness Services 

See the RiseBoro Home-Delivered Meals program page for more detailed information on the diverse services and programing RiseBoro provides North Brooklyn Seniors.

Free breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are served from Monday through Friday to seniors who attend the RiseBoro centers. The Diana H. Jones center now additionally is open and provides meals on Saturdays. RiseBoro provides 1,200 hot meals per day to North Brooklyn Seniors.

Hands of two women grasping hands

Health Screenings are provided on a regular basis and some in coordination with local hospitals. In addition, the centers host lectures and discussions on a variety of health-related topics such as Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, pain management, eye care, hearing, nutrition, etc. Several centers offer walking clubs as a fun way to get regular exercise. Classes are available to educate seniors on the prevention of falls and fractures, as well as, to alleviate back and neck pain. Finally, some centers conduct annual health fairs which bring together health and medical professionals and services in order to facilitate the well-being of seniors.

Case assistance, counseling, and advocacy are provided to seniors on all social service entitlements including Social Security, Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program (SCRIE), and Heat Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Information, counseling, assistance and referrals are also provided in the areas of housing, immigration and citizenship, and other legal issues.

Seniors warming up in Tai Chi class

The RiseBoro Senior Centers offer a wide array of health promotion and educational  and recreational services including: dancing, arts and crafts, painting, photography, sewing, choral group, billiards, dominoes, classes in English as a Second Language, Tai-Chi, Yoga, computer literacy, and exercise/movement. Additionally, a variety of day trips are frequently offered.


DSRIP Coordination

Hands and a heart monitor line

RiseBoro & DSRIP

RiseBoro is working in partnership with the State of NY's DSRIP program to help reduce Emergency Room hospitalizations. This partnership will allow RiseBoro to work with clients and the community on addressing chronic health conditions such as asthma, disease prevention, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues and more. 

What is DSRIP?

DSRIP is the mechanism by which New York State will implement the Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Waiver Amendment. DSRIP's purpose is to fundamentally restructure the health care delivery system by reinvesting in the Medicaid program, with the primary goal of reducing avoidable hospital use by 25% over 5 years.

RiseBoro is partnering with:

  • Maimonides (CCB – Community Cares Brooklyn)
  • One City Health
  • Lutheran Hospital
  • Mt. Sinai

Current/Upcoming DSRIP Projects at RiseBoro

  • One City Health – Project 11: Patient Activation Measure. 
  • One City Health – Asthma Project for Children.  We have submitted a proposal and waiting for more information. 
  • One City Health - Cardiovascular project.  We have submitted a proposal and waiting for more information. 

RiseBoro's DSRIP Goals

RiseBoro partners with NY's DSRIP to ensure North Brooklyn families better understand and successfully access healthcare through education and prevention.  



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