"Things clicked right away. The [CEC] always got it right for me" —Thaddeus Canty, former Atlas client, and his mentees


Are you at risk of shelter entry or in shelter hoping to relocate back to the community?

For qualified households, Atlas at the Empowerment Center provides:

  • CityFHEPS Rental Assistance Vouchers
  • Relocation from NYC shelters
  • Eviction prevention
  • Transitional and aftercare services
  • Third party mediation
  • Public benefits advocacy
  • Community referrals for supportive services

Contact Information

For information about eligibility and enrollment, contact one of our Atlas service-providing locations:

Brownsville (Main Atlas Office)

745 Ralph Ave.
Brooklyn NY, 11212
T (646) 921-8811
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90 Beaver St.
Brooklyn NY, 11206
T (718) 366-4300
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